Price List

Cutting & Styling

Wash, Cut & Blow-Dry                                    £30

Wet/ Dry Cut                                                    £17

Wash & Blow-Dry                                  £16 - £18

Shampoo & Set                                     £16 - £18

Hair ups                                                 £30 - £45   



Gents Cut                                                        £11

Clipper Cut (all over)                                      £8 

Shampoo                                                £2 - £4

Restyle (extra)                                                £5

15 Years & Under                                        £13

10 Years & Under                                        £10

5 Years & Under                                          £7

Wash & Blow-Dry (extra)                            £8



Full Head Colour                                             £60 - £69

Root Colour                                                      £49 - £59

Full Head Foils                                                £73 - £77

Half Head Foils                                               £60 - £70

T-Section Foils                                                £52- £57

Balayge                                                            £70 - £85

Capped Highlights (Short Hair Only)            £45 - £53

All colours include a cut and blow-dry



Colour In-Between Foils                               £8

Toners                                                            £8

Perming                                                         £53- £63

Olaplex Treatment                                        £11

Morrocan Oil Treatment                               £4

Olaplex is a product that repairs, strengthens and transforms the hair by repairing the hairs inner structure returning it to it's ultimate strength. 

Olaplex is free of silicone, sulphates and phthalates and is not tested on animals.


Hair bonds can be broken due to any heated appliances and chemical services such as perming or colouring. Although colours are much less damaging to the hair nowadays, they still contain peroxide that will cause slight damage. Olaplex reconnects the sulphur bonds in the hair to make the strands stronger and return them to virgin condition.


This treatment can be done in different ways such as a stand alone treatment or it can be added into your colour/bleach to repair as the service is processing. 


Overall your hair will feel well conditioned smooth and transformed. 


Kim Kardashian acheived this overall blonde shade by using olaplex in the space of a day. This is not normally possible when going from a very dark shade to blonde but with this amazing product is it now achievable.